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I am beginning ongoing support groups for parents. These groups are comprised of 5-7 individuals, and offer support and education for parents in two categories:

5 - 12 year olds

13 - 19 year olds

The focus of each group will include support and education regarding child behavior and development, working and advocating for your child at school and at home, parenting and co-parenting, kids’ social issues, when to worry, what to do beyond worrying, when to hold tight and when to let go.

This group setting is an excellent way for parents to learn and support each other at the same time. Research has shown that groups provide a comfort and re-enforcement that is different from the experience of individual therapy, and can offset the isolation of dealing with the complications of modern parenting. I have extensive experience working with groups, and training parents to advocate for their children in schools, in the criminal justice system and with their health care providers. My drug and alcohol prevention groups for teens have given me a unique perspective into the teen experience.